Our Story: Stevenson’s Farms + The Artisan Patty 

Stevenson’s Farms, founded by two restaurant veterans and their connection to where our food comes from and how it is grown. It is in that spirit that we created an idyllic farm branded company  as an homage to our past family generations.

Throughout our childhood, we spent time learning life values of respecting nature, living off the land, growing and tending vegetable gardens, milking goats and spending summers in camps with no running water. It is from this foundation that we wanted to name our new company Stevenson’s Farms. Although, we don’t currently live on a farm, it’s what the farm life evokes as a state of mind, belief and principal as a natural place of being. It’s this passion that will continue to define and drive the creation of new products and the future of the company.

The Stevenson’s Family

To the left is Charles Stephen Schroeppel, the grandfather of Greg Schroeppel, chef and cofounder from whom the company is named.

The Schroeppel Family for many generations carried the name Steven in it whether it be a first or middle name. The founders are very family orientated and wanted to pay homage to family heritage.